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We at micro-Dwelling.com
endeavor to influence modern living
by exploring ideas and delivering
forms that embrace the changing
realities of the way we live

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Constructed responses address many facets of ‘dwelling’ including  entertainment spaces, guest quarters, remote offices, private retreats, meditation spaces, family play spaces, artisan craft areas and much more.

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welcome to micro-Dwelling.com

We at Micro-Dwelling.com endeavor to influence modern living by exploring ideas and delivering forms that embody the changing realities of the way we live. Our quest is not limited to […]



giving-Form or Form-giving is a naturally involved process for a creative. The open mind freely engages emerging ideas and offers no boundaries to their proliferation. […]


micro-Dwelling 2.0

This two level micro-Dwelling is a great family play space and outdoor sleeping retreat. The alternative ‘skins’ enable the user to create their play space […]

family garden


  It’s simple. Plant a seed. Watch it grow. Enjoy when ripe.  Don’t get hung up on where, when and how – just do it. […]

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